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January 01, 2020

Commisioned by APPLE- The Origin of color.

Holi is the both the celebration of colors that nature provides and the women from Udaipur who bring it to the life. Their preservation of traditional methods-creating these vibrant powders from delicate flowers, fruits and trees- is something to cherish. 

June 19, 2018

Feature article in MID-DAY

featured article about my work in MID-DAY newspaper. 

Work published in People archive of rural India.

My work on Dashavtar folk theatre pulished at PARI (people archive of rural india) a Project by senior journalist P Sainath. 

Interview for Focas Scotland

my interview published on Focas website. I was one of the shortlisted photographer for 2017-18 focas program.  

Work exhibited digitally at Indian photography festival (2017)

My series on dashavtar artist Omprakash Chavan was exhibited digitally at Indian photography festival along with other photographers around the world. 

Work exhibited at Indian Photography Festival Hydrabad (2016)

My series 'Pehelwans rising from the soil' selected for print exhibition in Indian photography Festival along with some other photographers around the world. 

Work Exhibited at Ariano International Film Festival, Italy (Aug 2015)

my series 'Chasing the question Mark' Selected for exhibition along with 19 photographers around the world. 

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